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About Annette Fredskov

Normal – a word that tends to come up when I describe myself – in the sense that I am nothing special. I am just like everybody else. If I can do it, so can everyone else. But of course not everyone has to do what I do. Everyone has different hopes and dreams – big and small. The most important thing is that we go for it – what we believe is best – what feels right. The most important thing is that we stop setting limits for ourselves. It’s about getting the most out of every day and the most out of life.
The most out of life – there is no recipe for that. We need to discover that on our own – on a daily basis. The recipe for happiness is different for everyone. Part of my recipe for happiness is running, so I run marathons – as many as possible. Another part is love – to show and remind my beloved husband and children that I love them – every single day – over and over. Besides that, I ask myself – constantly – What is right? Should I change something? Take on a new challenge? What was right a year ago isn’t necessarily right today.
That’s why I started Project 366 Marathons in a Year. Last year, I was living out my dream of establishing myself as an independent coach. Now I am taking a break from that dream to realize another. Dreams develop and change just like I do.
Over the last 19 years, I have had a varied experience both in my educational and work life. I have worked and been educated in various fields, such as accounting, banking, psychiatry and work with handicapped. In these areas I have experience with teaching, advising and motivating.
Personal development has been my major interest for many years and I have taken a lot of courses and read many books. In 2010, I earned a degree as a Life Coach, and have worked independently since that time. My life is an exciting journey.
And I do love to travel. Travelling with the family – the kids and Ulrich – is something we do as much as possible. It is a wonderful way to spend time together.
That is not the whole story, though. Over a number of years, my body sent me signals and talked to me through illness; that began that part of my personal development. Some time went by before I fully realized that it is me who could affect change. It is all about my attitude and what I prioritize in life. That realization has caused me to prioritize differently and that has of course led to change. Today and I am completely healthy and free from symptoms or problems from cellular damage and Multiple Sclerosis. I use these things I have learned every day to keep me healthy in body and soul.
Another tool I have is running – marathons. It has become my true passion, but that isn’t always how it is has been. Before I started running 5 years ago, I had never stuck with any sort of sport – that was when I set limits for myself. Now I can’t live without my run. Besides the physical well-being and health, going on a run brings me peace, energy and balance.
I am a happy girl having the time of my life smiley

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